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Guilty on all counts
February 5, 2010, 9:34 am
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Ok, so I’ve never handed money to the sushi chef, but that’s the only charge I’ve been cleared of. The sad part about this is that I love sushi, I love everything about it…I even make it at home with mom on lazy Sundays! For shame, I should definitely know better by now.

I guess  if we’re being completely honest, I should admit that I’ve only recently started to become more adventurous in the sushi department; but, I do dream of the day that I can head down to LA and proudly walk into Urasawa (see food porn here) and hold my own next to my favorite food bloggers (whose food photos I lust after so often).  I’ve made it as far as uni, so I’m not that far off, right?

Well, I knew that day wasn’t coming anytime soon, I just had no idea how far off I actually was.  Thanks to this lovely illustration, I now know exactly where I stand.

P.S. Have to give a shout-out to mom and mao for being the official sushi rollers.  I made an attempt once, and I think there was some swearing, and maybe some tears involved.  Needless to say, I haven’t ventured back.

(Illustration via SwissMiss)

(Urasawa food porn links to KevinEats)

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I never thought about placing the sushi fish-side-down on my tongue!

Comment by Thani

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