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Happy Friday
February 12, 2010, 9:00 am
Filed under: Art and Design, Movies, Nostalgia

Image artist Robert Coburn, 1963

I have a three-day weekend ahead and I’m ecstatic! I’m going to savor every second because I don’t think our next holiday is until May.

What are you up to this weekend? So far we have farmer’s market perusing on tap for Saturday, and an Alfred Hitchcock movie marathon on Sunday. My sweetie hasn’t seen very many, and it’s been a quite a while for me, so it will be a nice date night. We just can’t take any more bad movies, so we’re turning to the classics and we have quite a few in the line-up to choose from: North by Northwest, Notorious (my favorite!), Vertigo, and Dial M for Murder.  (Ha, what a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.)

If you have a Valentine I hope you are able to have a wonderful day with the one you love.  If you’re flying solo this year, live it up and treat yourself to a date night!

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You are over the top!! I am just going to check in on your blog to stay atop many of my favorite topics!!

Comment by Karen Summers

I’m so glad you visited! I think I may have to call on you sometime soon for some snack tips for a post. :)

Comment by nsuchoknand

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