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Electric Box
March 4, 2010, 5:29 pm
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I love puzzle games, and this one is killer! Get the electric current from the main power supply to the target by placing different components on the grid. There are 15 levels and each one gets progressively more complicated, but after the first few I was on a mission to finish them all.

Let’s walk through level 2 below, shall we. When you start the grid is empty, and you must figure out how to get the electrical current from the power source (green power button) over to the last power line with the target on it.  I added the light bulb to the first line and a solar panel to the second line so that the current could “jump” to the second power line via the light from the bulb. Then, in order to get the current to the third line,  the solar panel (that is now powered by the light bulb) would allow the electric current to start the water dispenser, which in turn would move the current to the third line when the water falls onto the water turbine.

Oh, it’s so much fun! And with the great music and sound effects the whole thing is addicting; it’s the perfect little online escape, but I also like to think I’m exercising the old noggin too. Give it a try!

Visit Candystand to play Electric Box.

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I looooove this game! I played it at work all the time last year. I wish there was an iPhone version

Comment by thani

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