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Oscar red carpet recap
March 8, 2010, 3:25 pm
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Without cable TV I’m having to get creative in getting the latest gossip and news from TV land. I really don’t miss much (ask me again when Top Chef comes back around), and I’d really much rather look at photos of the red carpet than watch the impersonal and awkward interviews.

I had a perfectly wonderful Oscar night stalking the blogs to see what everyone was wearing. So, in no particular order, here are some of my favorites and some not-so-favorites too.

Ok, so let me first say that it kills me to admit this. I am not a fan of Miley Cyrus in any way, and I certainly never thought I’d post about her here; but I must give credit where it is due, and I absolutely loved her dress. The color, the bodice, the perfect amount of sparkle, and the lovely flow of the skirt. Trust me, I tried to like Cameron’s dress more since they were sort of similar, but I just couldn’t do it. Although, I do love being able to deduct points for the tan lines, too much eyeliner, and not-so-great hair.

So disappointed in Zoe Saldana. So beautiful, and usually so stylish, but her choice here confuses me. Ok, so I do love the idea of a purple gradient dress, but not with every embellishment possible added to it. It’s just way too much. Her hair, make-up, cocktail ring, and shoes are beautiful though.

And because I love her always, the one and only Meryl Streep looking classy and radiant!

I knew I liked Rachel’s dress when I first saw it, but I didn’t realize just how much I liked it until I saw it in motion in this picture. I think maybe I would have added a big sparkly necklace for more of a statement, but overall she looks lovely. (And of course Jakey does too.)

And finally I had to share my utter distaste for J.Lo’s dress (and her posey ways). While I’m not particularly a fan of her, I do look forward to seeing her in fashion action. When she does classy and avoids tacky I can always appreciate it, and especially in Armani Prive, I had high hopes. Now, I can appreciate high-fashion for sure, but here, even while channeling the classy vibe I just can’t get over how it looks like an old quilted granny bathrobe with a blanket sewed on the hip just in case…. (I’m in the minority here though, most of the fashion blogs are loving this.)

Amanda Seyfried, also in Armani Prive had a similar dress. Definitely better but I’m still undecided…I’m seeing bubble wrap in the close-up. What do you think?

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BubbleWrap was nasty :)

Comment by Vivek

lol, the bubble rap was not Dutch favourite one either.
Loved Meryl Streep, boy isnot she just beautiful in this dress?
Armani is my favorite tho, used to wear his trousers and such:-))

Comment by rita jackson

Isn’t Meryl Streep awesome! I found out later that the dress was designed by Project Runway alum Chris March. Do you watch Project Runway over there?

Comment by Natira

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