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I love Saturdays
May 3, 2010, 4:39 pm
Filed under: Food, Nostalgia, Restaurants, San Francisco, Silly

Even with my weird schedule lately I still love a good Saturday. While I was out and about I came across these books and got completely giddy. The Where’s Waldo Complete Collection and the Best of Mad Libs do exist outside of my dreams, how cool is that? I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for anything that reminds me of when I was eight.

After some window shopping and some reading in the park, we were off to to watch the fight with some friends. Let me just say that I tried, but I’m not a fan of boxing. The best part was celebrity spotting in the audience, but the fight and the ref kept getting in the way. I did catch Mariah and Nick Cannon. Have to hand it to Mariah though, she posed through all 12 rounds, that must be hard work. The only other sighting I caught was Mark Wahlberg, and that was quite nice. Oh yeah, then there was the part where Chris Brown sang the National Anthem. Yeah, exactly.

It was great company and snacks…and Prosecco, a wonderful way to kick-off a Saturday night. From there we were off to hop around the city and ended up at Le Colonial to visit a friend DJing. After a drink or two and some dancing we were off to Ryoku for sushi and anything fried. We never had dinner, so we had to make up for it at 1:30 AM. These are not going to be pretty pics, but it was latenight dining captured with my phone. It is because of the champagne and this meal (and maybe a few other leading up to it), that I have started to detox today. So worth it though!

Green tea, white salmon, salmon belly, karaage, croquette, kurobota, yakitori…detox.

(I’m already looking forward to a real sushi dinner after the detox, still working up to a date at Urasawa on of these days.)

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