Ooh, my favorite!

“Why don’t you love me”
May 5, 2010, 1:21 am
Filed under: Music, Videos

Don’t worry B, I love you.

Check out Beyonce’s great new music video. Love the 50’s housewife/pin-up vibe.

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Oooh I like this video AND the song.

Comment by Krysten

I LOVE her. so fantastic!

Comment by Iva

shit, all right, i’ma be the debbie downer. it’s aight. rehashing images i’d rather get from 1950s movies because it was real THEN.

as far as the song goes… if you’re so awesome and your man doesn’t appreciate it.. walk away :)

Comment by Juliana

Ha, I love it…a real honest comment! I can definitely see your points, and I am a 50’s movie junkie.

Comment by Natira

I have been TOTALLY crushing on this video. Beyond could stab cereal boxes on tape for 5 minutes and i’d watch. Chick crushes it EVERY time.

Comment by Boomka

Ha, ha! So funny.

Comment by Natira

love it! she’s always reinventing herself!

Comment by Sandhya

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