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Sons & Daughters
June 9, 2010, 11:24 pm
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Last Friday my favorite foodie friend Brian invited me to attend a soft opening of his friends’ new restaurant on Nob Hill (taking over where Cafe Mozart left off). Sons & Daughters is a joint venture between Matt and Teague, two young and talented chefs who’ve worked endlessly for the last six months to get this going. I’ve had the pleasure of eating their food at Brian’s house before (an amazing goat ragout with fresh pasta) so I was beyond excited when they decided to start their own restaurant.

They did a beautiful job with the renovations so I had wanted to share some interior shots with you, but alas, I was so focused on the food that I completely forgot. Since the plates are so beautiful there’s still plenty to see, so here we go…

Lobster carpaccio with pea foam, lobster butter reduction, and caviar

My first taste of raw lobster and I don’t know that I’ll ever appreciate cooked lobster as much as I used to. It was so good! Sweet and ocean-y with a more concentrated flavor than when it’s cooked. And let’s talk about the butter reduction for a second; well, actually I guess there’s not much to say, there are no words to describe how good it was.

Herb salad with garden shoots, eucalyptus, curds and whey

This was an in your face plate of fragrant herbs. The eucalyptus came as a dressing of sorts after being pressed and served at the base of the greens. The herbs were lovely, and I enjoyed the contrast of saltiness from the curds and whey.

Sweebreads with oysters, crisp pork, and grapefruit

Crispy, yummy sweetbreads with bacon. This was so good. I love sweetbreads, I love bacon even more so I was in heaven with this one.

Lobster, foie gras, oysters, uni, black cod, sea beans

This dish was gorgeous! In spite of the rich and luxurious ingredients here, it was surprisingly light with very clean flavors. This was probably due to the broth that surrounded the proteins, so flavorful and delicate. I can’t remember all of the details, but the cod and foie were prepared sous vide.

Squab with aprium, parsnip, and horseradish

This may have been my favorite dish of the evening. The squab was cooked perfectly with the breast having been prepared sous vide, and the leg confit. The earthy flavor was matched perfectly with the sweet and tart aprium reduction, and the hint of horseradish coming from the parsnip puree was a lovely touch.

After dinner we filled out our comment cards and hung around to chat with the guys to hear about all of the craziness that was happening behind the scenes. In spite of the troubles the guys did a beautiful job and have so much to be proud of. It was a great night and I had felt so lucky to have been able to test out their first menu. I can’t wait to go back for their ice creams and tea service.

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This food looks fantastic.

Comment by Des

Isn’t it pretty? It tasted great too.

Comment by Natira

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