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Rights for Future Generations
June 10, 2010, 11:04 pm
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Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Another one of my childhood heroes celebrates an anniversary today. A decorated French Naval officer, co-developer of the “aqua-lung,” the grandfather of underwater exploration, and a true conservationist, Jacques-Yves Cousteau would turn 100 today!

Joyeux anniversaire le Commandant Cousteau!

His Rights for Future Generations campaign is something very dear to my heart; it’s because of his work that I am so passionate about clean water and working to save our oceans from pollution. My heart is heavy recalling the day of his passing in 1997, but it’s most heavy knowing that on this day, in this year, we are fighting to save our oceans on a bigger scale than ever before.

I’ve been following his grandson Philippe Cousteau as he is leading cleaning efforts in the Gulf of Mexico (he was the first diver to enter the polluted water). Please visit his blog and his non-profit EarthEcho to see how you can help clean up the gulf, but also to see how the Cousteau legacy is still alive and well.

P.S. – Check out Google’s homepage today to see another great logo tribute.

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Yes, he really made so many important contributions. Great post.

Comment by Des

Yes! And he makes me happy, too.

Comment by Natira

My lovely daughter shares the same birthday as Cousteau. Amazing human (Cousteau–and my daughter too).

Comment by Annik

My lovely BiBi! They ARE both amazing.

Comment by Natira

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