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Design crush: Sweden apartment
June 16, 2010, 8:34 am
Filed under: Home, Organization

We’ve been in our apartment since January, but I’m still sorting through our stuff in at attempt to purge all things unnecessary and cluttery. It’s an endless task it seems, continually organizing and then re-organizing what you just organized, but somehow it’s great fun. I’m constantly amazed and inspired by Swiss interior design philosophies. How do they do it? Always so clean and slick, but still so vibrant and comforting. I love the stark white with the pops of bright color.

Check out these pics for my latest inspiration and click through to see more. I can’t get enough pink lately, so I’m totally crushing on the couch, and I’m also loving the dreamy bedroom wallpaper. All the natural lighting throughout is key too! (And, how great is that rooftop deck.)

[via DigsDigs, images too]

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I love all the a-symmetrical walls and huge windows. Maybe its the gloomy seattleite in me, but i need just a touch of black with all the white– I think I’d go snowblind.

Comment by Thani dnankohcus

That’s true. I do love the look of a flat black wall. It looks cool in the doorway of mom and dad’s kitchen!

Comment by Natira

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