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Baggu bags
June 17, 2010, 12:17 pm
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I love my Baggu grocery bags. They’re completely functional (they hold a ton of stuff), durable (holds 50 lbs.), and most fun of all they’re gorgeous. I’ve mentioned before that when I first started bringing my own grocery bags I needed a bit of an incentive to remember them each time. I found these Baggu’s, in their rainbow of colors and knew that I’d almost never be able to leave them behind. Come on, a fashion statement while shopping…fun, right? Well, it worked; I rarely ever forget my bags and I always get lots of compliments on them.

Aside from my rainbow of grocery bags, I also have a small collection of their mesh produce bags, which I ADORE! They’re a light nylon mesh that comes in small or large sizes, so they’re the perfect accessory for farmer’s market or grocery store shopping. I just throw a few in my grocery bag and I’m off to the market. They’re especially useful at the market with the loose produce like brussel sprouts or baby potatoes.

I’m going to get a bit catty here, but it drives me crazy when I see people grabbing plastic produce bags and throwing two lemons or an onion in. I’m sorry dear friend, but where do you think that plastic ends up at the end of the day? There’s absolutely no reason to house any of your produce in a plastic bag. I say go bag-less, or grab a set of these wonderful produce bags!

Visit Baggu online and check out they’re wonderful line of reusable bags.

Grocery bag: $8.00 each / 3, 4, or 5 bags $7.50 each / 6 or more $6.50 each

Small produce bag: $3.00 each

Large produce bag: $4.00 each

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I bought my Baggu produce bags last year and have been using them weekly for my shopping. I love em too!

Comment by anniespickns

So glad you’re a fan too. Aren’t they great? I stopped by your place and it’s great! Love all of your recipes.

Comment by Natira

ooooh, need to get me some.

Comment by Sandhya

the mesh bags are a brilliant concept! if we want to use plastic bags here, we have to pay for them. it’s a great way to encourage people to bring their own.

Comment by heidi

I know! It was similar in Holland when I was there. I can’t believe how much plastic we use and waste here. I would LOVE to see people charged for it. You guys are just too awesome over there.

Comment by Natira

[…] Bags x 5- You guys know how much I adore my Baggu’s. ($35 per […]

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