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June 22, 2010, 2:15 pm
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Rainier cherries are here! But only until early next week according to my friend at the Ferry Building farmer’s market. Funny, I remember the season being a lot longer when I was in Seattle, but it makes sense since they’re grown in Eastern WA; the best ones are anyway.

You can’t miss ’em, they’re a gorgeous golden-yellow with a rosy red blush. But as beautiful as they look they taste even better, especially cold from the fridge (for me at least). They’re very delicate, and even more temperamental during the growing and harvesting process which is why they’re typically about $5-6 a pound. They’ve been known to go for $1 a piece in Japan!

I usually have a hard time finding organic ones, but today at the market there were tons. If you haven’t yet gotten yours, or if you’ve never had them you must run to get some now! Trust me on this.

Aside from the cherries I had to stock up on some produce since I didn’t make it to the Alemany market on Saturday. Mom’s coming in for a visit this week so I wanted to be sure to have some goodies on hand. I had my list, but of course got a few extras too…

Let’s see, from the top left we have parsley, Asian eggplants, gypsy peppers, English peas, carrots, field greens, Bing cherries, Rainier cherries, peaches, plums, heirloom tomatoes, spring onions. All organic, all for about $35.  Not bad, I say! Oh yeah, I snuck over to Miette and got some strawberry and pistachio macaroons for later.

There aren’t any food vendors on Tuesday’s, and I was really, really hungry. The usual big salad for lunch just wasn’t going to cut it, so I decided to stop by The Sentinel on the way home. Just a quick take-away gourmet sandwich stop (from Dennis Leary of Canteen) I decided on the lamb and feta meatball sammie with a spicy tomato sauce, mushroom soup, and an oatmeal cookie. I saved that giant roll for another day, but it looks really good.

The soup was delicious – a richly fragrant mushroom taste with a bit of tang behind the creamy texture. The sammie was good too. The lamb was tasty and well seasoned, but the tomato sauce wasn’t as spicy as I’d hoped. Regardless, it was still a lovely lunch on the run. Oh yeah, the pickle was killer! I have half of everything left for dinner afternoon snack.

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I love, love, love Rainier cherries!
They are like little, bite-sized plums. NOM NOM NOM

Comment by aproperfool

Oh yes! Aren’t they fantastic? I hope you were able to enjoy them this season.

Comment by Natira

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