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Dear Zuni Cafe,
July 1, 2010, 6:51 am
Filed under: Restaurants, San Francisco

I have been a loyal patron of your restaurant since my first trip nearly two years ago. With every friend or family member I have visiting I have raved about your wonderfully juicy and succulent chicken, and assured them that the $50 price tag and the hour wait is well worth it; and indeed it was.

While each of my visits has been a success with my guests, it is only because the chicken has rescued the day. I cannot help but feel that your staff truly believes that they are doing me and my visitors a favor by allowing us to dine in your establishment, and that I should be grateful to have gotten a table (even with a resevation.) Growing up in the restaurant industry I was taught that a patron is a guest, is a friend, is a partner. At Zuni Cafe, we are often treated as a bother, as a nuissance, as a drag.

I regret to say that after my eighth and final visit the chicken could not rescue the day. I understand that you’re a San Francisco institution, but I can no longer look past the lackluster menu, under-seasoned appetizers, soups, and salads, and the cold and insincere service. I have the chicken recipe, and I’ve made it at home several times. I will continue to rave about your chicken, but only the one I make at home with all of the love that’s missing when I walk through your doors.



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Stick it to them, Tira!

Comment by Annik

It was always so exciting to go to Zuni when I visited San Francisco, even after the sticker shock at the price of the chicken! You hit the nail on the head when you talk about the service and the attitude. I’ve mentioned this to other Foodies in Seattle and they all agree with your assessment. Many won’t go back until the attitude changes. Too bad for Zuni, they had a good thing going.

Comment by sheryl

At least you’ve made it at home too, so now you can have it whenever you have a craving!

Comment by Natira

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