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Agent Provocateur Summer Sale
July 6, 2010, 7:12 am
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It’s time once again for Agent Provocateur‘s annual Summer Sale, and they’ve got lots of good stuff. Years ago I had a bit of an obsession and ended up investing in a few classic pieces and a corset (oh, it’s gorgeous!). This was before I had a storefront nearby, so I would order online and wait in lustful anticipation for the lovely package to arrive from England. There’s just something about their powder pink and black package that’s just so, oh I don’t know, sexy?

image via Flickr user bombaykino

Check out some of items I’ve been eyeing below. I think my favorite is the control slip; sexy and practical! When I introduced a friend to Spanx a few months ago she was elated, but her fiance was not a fan of the not-so-sexy undergarment, so this slip would be the perfect solution for both parties. Hmmm, my Lova’s never mentioned my Spanx, but now I wonder if all guys are secretly repulsed by them. Maybe I should get the slip just in case, no? (What do you think of my logic on that one?)

Kirsten Control slip – Was $290, Now $100

Aliyah demi bra in leopard – Was $130, Now $50

Jilly – Was $155, Now $30

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I actually asked my boyfriend about this (I always wear Spanx and he never said anything about it). He said that he has no problem with them and that guys know all about them and just accept them as part of the way women dress now. He said he actually thinks they’re kind of cute with them being tight and showing off the curves of my derriere. Now he teases me about them as a way of flirting. Some guys may be turned off, but this one isn’t and I suspect it’s not a big issue for most men. I did drive him nuts once with a gorgeous vintage girdle with garters and stockings. I’ll keep that around for special occasions but the Spanx are less trouble for daily wear.

Comment by Caron

Whoo hoo, that’s great news. I’m so glad your guy likes them! My sweetie’s traveling now, but the next chance I get I’ll have to ask him his thoughts. I have a nice set of underpinnings too and I love being able to use them for special occasions, but you’re right – what would we do without our Spanx!

Comment by Natira

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