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Crixa Cakes – Berkeley
July 13, 2010, 7:20 am
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I mentioned last week that I had quite the food itinerary for the weekend with my soon-to-be-gone foodie friend Brian. We spent Friday night eating around Sunnyvale  with his roommate and all day Saturday on a sweets tour of Berkeley.

One of the favorite stops was Crixa Cakes, the cutest little Eastern European bakery with some of the best pastries and pies that I’ve had in a while. Very different from other styles of pastry, Crixa has mastered the art of avoiding the sickeningly sweet treat.

Inside is comfortable and homey with the lovely cases of cakes and pies giving way to the kitchen just beyond. Eight or so marble top tables line near the windows, or if you prefer there are a few tables and chairs just outside. It’s a great spot for a morning alone with a good book if you’re flying solo.

Since it was a farewell visit there was much to be tasted, and we didn’t even make it over to the cake side of the case. Since this was our second bakery stop (Arizmendi was first) I opted to start with a savory treat, so I ordered the dilled cabbage pirog. The cabbage was wonderfully tasty and had salt I was craving after my piece of coffee cake from the first stop. The pastry that encased it was perfectly buttery and flakey, and I only wish I had gotten there earlier so I could have enjoyed it piping hot from the oven. To accompany my pirog Brian ordered the cherry pie and the peach blackberry pie. Both were lovely, and without all of the sugar you’re able to appreciate the seasonal and perfectly ripe ingredients in each. Ah, what a concept

There was also a takeaway container for later, but we kinda got into that too. I believe there was an apricot cake, a cinnamon rugelach, and a peach blackberry pie. I had a bite of the rugelach and it was unbelievably good! Looking back I wish I’d gotten some to takeaway as well, but that would have been dangerous as I would have had to eat it all myself.

I’m already counting down the months until their pumpkin pie returns; my trip before Thanksgiving last year is still haunting me. Poor Brian, he will most definitely need some consoling when November rolls around. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful way to send him off, and an even better way to spend a beautiful Saturday in Berkeley.

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These desserts look so good.

Comment by Des

I have a separate stomach for sweets, so no matter how full I get I always have room for dessert.

Comment by Natira

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