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Agent Provocateur Summer Sale
July 6, 2010, 7:12 am
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It’s time once again for Agent Provocateur‘s annual Summer Sale, and they’ve got lots of good stuff. Years ago I had a bit of an obsession and ended up investing in a few classic pieces and a corset (oh, it’s gorgeous!). This was before I had a storefront nearby, so I would order online and wait in lustful anticipation for the lovely package to arrive from England. There’s just something about their powder pink and black package that’s just so, oh I don’t know, sexy?

image via Flickr user bombaykino

Check out some of items I’ve been eyeing below. I think my favorite is the control slip; sexy and practical! When I introduced a friend to Spanx a few months ago she was elated, but her fiance was not a fan of the not-so-sexy undergarment, so this slip would be the perfect solution for both parties. Hmmm, my Lova’s never mentioned my Spanx, but now I wonder if all guys are secretly repulsed by them. Maybe I should get the slip just in case, no? (What do you think of my logic on that one?)

Kirsten Control slip – Was $290, Now $100

Aliyah demi bra in leopard – Was $130, Now $50

Jilly – Was $155, Now $30

Happy 4th!
July 2, 2010, 9:58 am
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Welcome to your holiday weekend! Hope you’ve got fireworks in your future. I’ll be having an interesting holiday this year since things are kind of crazy at the moment. Tonight I’ll be treating myself to the Opera (a Western!) and hopefully lots of good food over the course of the long weekend, but I will most definitely be enjoying my independence.

I have lots to share with you next week, but in the meantime have a safe and happy holiday.

[image via we heart it]

Louis Vuitton F/W 2010
July 1, 2010, 11:33 am
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Loving the rich colors and fabrics with the vintage-inspired dresses. I’m in full swoon over the full skirts, tight corsets, fitted sweaters, gloves, and the cleavage (kind of hard to miss it). Reminds me of a sophisticated woman of the 50’s; I wonder how this retro feel will translate into wearable fall looks.

By the way, how unbelievably gorgeous does Christy Turlington look? Absolutely STUNNING. And are you seeing that brown leather skirt? I die.

[Images via]

Dear Zuni Cafe,
July 1, 2010, 6:51 am
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I have been a loyal patron of your restaurant since my first trip nearly two years ago. With every friend or family member I have visiting I have raved about your wonderfully juicy and succulent chicken, and assured them that the $50 price tag and the hour wait is well worth it; and indeed it was.

While each of my visits has been a success with my guests, it is only because the chicken has rescued the day. I cannot help but feel that your staff truly believes that they are doing me and my visitors a favor by allowing us to dine in your establishment, and that I should be grateful to have gotten a table (even with a resevation.) Growing up in the restaurant industry I was taught that a patron is a guest, is a friend, is a partner. At Zuni Cafe, we are often treated as a bother, as a nuissance, as a drag.

I regret to say that after my eighth and final visit the chicken could not rescue the day. I understand that you’re a San Francisco institution, but I can no longer look past the lackluster menu, under-seasoned appetizers, soups, and salads, and the cold and insincere service. I have the chicken recipe, and I’ve made it at home several times. I will continue to rave about your chicken, but only the one I make at home with all of the love that’s missing when I walk through your doors.



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