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Happy Friday!
August 13, 2010, 11:01 am
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So the other day I mentioned that I had been pretty boring and hadn’t been doing much of anything, and then it dawned on me that I was so wrong. I was judging myself based on my latest blog posts (the lack of) when in reality I’ve had a wonderful few weeks, even while settling in at work.

The truth of the matter is that working downtown has been wonderful and dangerous…the last four Friday’s (and this past Tuesday) have turned into impromptu date nights. My Lova picks me up after work, we’ll head out for a lazy happy hour (oysters and champagne at Oola), and then head off to dinner (Perbacco or Anchor & Hope), then I’ll drop him off at work and head home (and sleep!) until he’s ready for me to come get him, usually around 3:30 or so (tis the life of a DJ’s boothie).

[image via parisandbuttermilk and glittertullelace]

It’s all been so fun and spontaneous (and maybe a little rockstar), but now we’ll have to take a little step back to reality and not be quite so impulsive for the sake of our wallets and wastelines. The good news is that we’ll need to do it all again eventually so that I can take some pics and maybe offer you some new restaurant/date night ideas.

Happy Friday friends! Hope your weekend is filled in fun and spontaneity, even if mine will be a bit more censored compared to weeks past.

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That sounds rather glamorous. I am a bit jealous :)

Comment by Indie.tea

O, also I added your blog to my Bloglovin’ so I can keep on reading it. Hope that is o.k.

Comment by Indie.tea

Of course, how wonderful! I believe this may be my first blogroll link!

I’m also completely hooked over at your place. Such a beautiful and original blog.

Comment by Natira

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