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Anthony’s Cookies
August 31, 2010, 1:48 pm
Filed under: Sweets

After a lazy Sunday morning in the Mission we finally made a stop by Anthony’s Cookies on the way home. I’d heard wonderful things about the all-cookie bakery, and since I don’t bake as often as I cook, it was the perfect excuse to get some gourmet cookies for an afternoon snack before naptime. Plus, anywhere that uses organic ingredients whenever possible always gets extra points in my book.

It’s a cute little raspberry and chocolate brown storefront with the drinks and cookies of the day listed on butcher paper.  The bottles of bottled organic milk that lined the wall to the kitchen were calling to me; there’s just something about jarred milk that reminds me of a simpler time, complete with milk mustaches.

I just ran in for the cookies, but there were a few small seats if you wanted to hang out. Anthony himself wasn’t there but I’m eager to head back to meet him as I’ve also heard he’s a really nice guy, (and a self-taught baker if I’m not mistaken). There was a fairly long queue but it moved pretty quickly, and when a couple came in behind me and talked about leaving everyone in line ahead of me whipped around and ordered them to stay: “Trust us, it’s worth the wait!”

We really only needed a half dozen, but of course I opted for a full dozen…you know, just in case. It was so fun running back to the car with a box full of cookies to show my Lova; I was completely giddy, and after he took a peek so was he.

In order of appearance: chocolate chip, Cookies & Cream, organic peanut butter, Ghirardelli white chocolate chip, whole wheat chocolate chip, toffee chip.

I stole a bite of the Cookies & Cream before I remembered to take a picture. It really was a miracle that I didn’t steal a bite from each one, but we decided to wait until we were cozy in bed to sample the rest. Once we were settled with our cups of tea we made our way through each one. They were all so wonderful; a nice crisp outer layer with the perfect soft and gooey center. I think my favorite was the toffee chip, which is surprising because I’m not a toffee girl.

Anthony’s Cookies is definitely a fun stop if you’re in the neighborhood and are craving something sweet. I can’t wait to swing by again to catch Anthony himself and sample a few more of his wonderful cookies.

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Those look so good! I am sad we never did make it to Anthonys my last visit. We’ll definitely go in December for your birthday! Muah!

Comment by Meem

um please tell me you are taking me to this!

Comment by livin wide

Yes, yes, yes! Hope you can get out here soon.

Comment by Natira

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