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Happy holiday weekend!
September 3, 2010, 2:02 pm
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Bruschette of fava bean & pecorino – one of many dishes from Beretta last night

It’s a holiday weekend! I hope you have some great plans with friends and family ahead of you; perhaps enjoying the last bit of summer with a barbecue or picnic.

My crazy awesome younger brother and his sweetheart are here to visit us this weekend and I have been dying in anticipation for the past month. As usual we have quite an itinerary of eating excursions. It started last night at Beretta where we had the fava bean bruschetta above (lots of other pics coming soon), but the pinnacle will be the Grand Tasting at Manresa on Saturday evening.

Like me, my brother has become quite a foodie. I think I may be partly to blame for this as I introduced him to some sort of a pork belly foie dish at Coco 500 a few years ago. I don’t remember the dish exactly, but I think that may have been the turning point for him. Sadly, since he’s in Seattle we don’t get to eat together very often, so I’m positively giddy thinking about being with him for his first tasting experience. (This will also me my Lova’s first tasting so I’ve been bouncing off the walls at the thought of having him with me. Really three of my favorite people are here with me and I’m just so happy – if only mom and dad were here, then it would be complete.

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I can’t believe its over! I was hoping to gain at least 5 more pounds before I left. Next time: French Laundry, Ramen, and of coure B&B again. Thank you sissi!!

Comment by Thani

Love you! I gained enough for the both of us though…now the hard part is adjusting back to real-life eating scenarios.

Comment by Natira

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