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Tartine Bread
September 27, 2010, 3:17 pm
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Tartine Afterhours: once a month after the bakery closes chef Samin Nosrat (of Oakland’s Pop-up General Store) takes over and prepares a three-course, family style meal for a small group of lucky foodies that managed to RSVP in the time it takes for Regis to initiate a Fastest Finger question.

Well, I hate to boast, but I have secured two of 30 coveted seats for tomorrow night’s dinner party! On this night in particular, we will be celebrating the release of the Tartine Bread cookbook…and by celebrating I mean that each course will be featuring the bread in all its wondrous glory.

Now that I (at least in my own head) have conquered the art of canning tomatoes, I think I may have a new undertaking to try to master. If you have ever had Tartine’s fresh baked bread, fresh from the oven at 5 PM, you will understand why one would reserve a loaf or two ahead of time (me), and why one would wait in a queue that extends beyond the entrance if they hadn’t had the foresight to reserve (not me). And furthermore, you would also understand why one would venture to learn the art of breadmaking at home in a conventional oven that is probably about 15-degrees in either direction.

In case you haven’t already gathered, this is by far the most wonderful and amazing bread you will ever have, and as I say that to you, you must know that I am not a bread kind of girl. Far from being a carboholic-bread-fiend you’ll usually find me skipping bread altogether (unless there’s a wonderful sauce to be sopped up, and in that case bread makes the best type of vessel). So to say that Tartine’s bread has changed my outlook on bread an understatement, and just so you get an idea of it’s composition, we’re talkin’ about a crust that’s very nearly caramelized that lightly sticks to your teeth in the best kind of way. The inside, on the other hand, is oh-so-chewy and just as you think it can’t get any better, it gently melts in your mouth and you’ve already shoved another piece in. Ahhh.

Oh yes, tomorrow will be a good night. I’ll keep you posted.

[image via Amazon, video via ciao samin!]

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