Ooh, my favorite!

October 5, 2010, 10:45 am
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Hey, hey. I’m still alive, just been a little busy and a little lazy. I actually have a good reason for being gone and that was a surprise trip up to Seattle to see mom and dad (with help from brother as co-conspirator). We did all of our favorite family things: cooking, eating, napping, and lots of laughing. It was a GREAT weekend.

One of the best parts was coming home to see that dad had fashioned this crazy contraption in an attempt to scare away a regular visitor to his koi pond. He’s managed cats, possums, and raccoons but there is one animal of the avian variety that is making him quite nervous: the lovely blue heron.  It often comes to hangout by the back pond because they love the water, but they also love fish, so while he hasn’t stolen any dad is on a mission to keep him at bay.

As much as we’ve tried to explain that a visit from this majestic bird could be considered somewhat rare and special, dad is in full-fledged Caddyshack mode. I have no idea how it works or how he came up with it, but it’s crazy and genius at the same time!

Weird? Yes. But not out of the ordinary. Ahh, I have the best family ever.

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This made me laugh out loud! Your Dad is such a nut. I’ll keep you posted if the contraption suddenly disappears (that luck thing will have him thinking).

Thank you for the most wonderful surprise ever. Muah!

Comment by Meem

How does dad manage to be supremely evil AND hilarious at the same time?

Comment by Thani

Ha, I know! I love it.

Comment by Natira

your family is too cute!

Comment by livin wide

[…] I am a certified cartoon junkie. Aside from being a Family Guy addict, I have always been fascinated by classic animation (Disney especially). I have no idea why, other than the fact that I’m also a ho (that’s right a ho) for anything nostalgic. When I recall some of my happiest memories I most often remember the Classic Disney cartoons that invariably came during the holidays. Halloween was certainly no exception, so counting down the days until Disney’s Halloween Treat would air was torture. I remember trying to figure out how to read the TV Guide, which was a skill I didn’t master until an age that I should probably be embarrassed about, but fortunately Dad was a pro. I would hound him daily to make sure he didn’t forget to tell me when it was on; very much an “are we there yet” scenario, so when I say daily that may be bit chintzy. All I can say is poor guy. (Mom was safe since she probably didn’t know what the TV Guide was.) I think because of this incessant pestering he rigged some sort of recording mechanism so he had the VHS ready and waiting for the next year. (If you saw my earlier post on the blue heron contraption you know that my dad is quite the engineer.) […]

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