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Happy birthday (tomorrow), Lova!
October 22, 2010, 3:17 pm
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There are really only a few rules that we have at home. The first is that the second you walk in the door, jeans are off and jammies are on. What can I say;  I’m a homebody and I love being cozy. The second rule is that chef does not do the dishes. Easy enough right? With only these to enforce you’d think it wouldn’t be that hard, but somehow rule number two never quite goes into effect.

I have not mastered the art of cleaning as I go, so when I’m done cooking, our tiny kitchen it is TRASHED, and of course, in these instances the rule is most certainly enforced. However, the instances when I am not cooking and my Lova is the one slaving away, I still manage to escape dish duty. Isn’t that terrible! How much of a brat am I?

All of this is to say that on my Lova’s birthday weekend one of my gifts to him will be dish duty after I make his favorite weekend breakfast: a big pot of Jok. Regardless of how I can bend the house rules (or how I have a tendency to steal his towel when he gets a brand new one) he loves me and deserves a killer birthday weekend filled with good music, food, and friends.

I hope you all have great plans ahead of you!

(I promise to get caught up on my blogging habits, it has been quite a week.)

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yay happy birthday!! he looks just like pictured him. hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. kisses!

Comment by livin wide

Happy Birthday, Tony! You look like a movie star in your picture. Big hugs to you!

Comment by Meem

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