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Atelier Versace Fall 2010
November 9, 2010, 6:55 am
Filed under: Fashion, Shoes

I really don’t think I have the vocabulary necessary to convey how truly elegant I find these gowns to be; simply stunning is all I can say. I really can’t pick a fave, but if I must, I’d have to go for the little gray number above. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. But, on the other hand, those daring slits that show off those wonderful cut-out boots are pretty spectacular too! I die.

Oh yes, and how about a round of applause for the lovely Monika Jagaciak who does an amazing job showcasing these lovely creations. Bravo!

To be completely honest, I never really followed this line but ever since I caught a glimpse of the editorials from spring of this year, I’ve been obsessed. Check out Fashion Gone Rogue for more dresses and different shots. (Tip: you must check out the back cut-out in the gradient dress above!)

[Images via Fashion Gone Rogue]

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Dear Natira,
I recall a conversation I had with you walking down the halls of North City Elementary. You were new to the school, it was the sixth grade. You were telling me how important your white Keds were and that everyone, where you came from, wore them. I don’t suppose you’re sporting Keds nowadays? I think you were born a fashionista, I love it.

Comment by heidi

Oh gosh that sounds terrible! When I think back that must have been the sheer dread talking. Moving from Colorado to Seattle at the height of the Grunge period was pretty traumatic: me in my white Keds, turtle necks, and stretch pants and everyone else in baggy jeans, flannel, and Doc Martens. Sigh.

Comment by Natira

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