Ooh, my favorite!

Toast stereogram optical illusion
November 17, 2010, 10:21 am
Filed under: Silly

I remember these when they were called “Magic Eye” pictures, and I should as I was the master at losing focus in order to identify the hidden 3-D image. Can you see what’s hidden in the toast? (It’s pretty anticlimactic, but still fun.)


[via Mighty Optical Illusions]

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ok i stared at it forever and my eyes hurt and i saw nothing! what is it??

Comment by livin wide

Ah, it’s nothing very interesting at all, it just says “Toast and Eggs” with two eggs underneath. So silly but I love a good optical illusion.

Comment by Natira

me too!

Comment by livin wide

Isaw toast and eggo lol eggs makes much more sense also explains the eggs at the bottom :p I love these illusions they’re so funn ^.^

Comment by Emma

I love these illusions too, but haven’t found any new ones lately. I’ll keep an eye out though!

Comment by Natira

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