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Dr. Bronner’s Classic Soaps
January 10, 2011, 6:44 am
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Dr. Bronner’s family of soaps

I adore my Dr. Bronner’s soaps, they make me happy. Yes, washing my hands with his soaps actually makes me happy. And reading the label is always interesting. All of the soaps are vegetable-based, completely biodegradable, made from organic and fair trade oils, and have no synthetics or preservatives. You can actually recognize all nine of the ingredients on the label, and checking in at the Cosmetics Database shows it’s ranking as a wonderful 1-2 (which is not always easy to find). The scents come only from the essential oils, so no fragrance has been added. I’ve admitted it before: I am a perfume/fragrance brat. I’ll have none of it, thankyouverymuch. I use almond in both the liquid and bar soaps and it smells heavenly; nothing artificial or overpowering, just a soft natural almond scent that reminds me of cookies for some strange reason.

Aside from the lovely smell and all the benefits of organic and natural ingredients, converting to a natural soap is an easy way to make the transition toward a cleaner house, and here’s why: last April the FDA announced that there may suddenly be a concern with the commonly used antibacterial chemical triclosan. Found in everything from toothpaste to deodorant and  liquid soaps and hand sanitizers, the chemical is so prevalent that it is found in 75% of the population’s urine. Recent studies have found that triclosan disrupts normal endocrine functions (by mimicking hormones produced by the thyroid), while other studies have shown it to affect sea life, even preventing photosynthesis in diatom algae. In short: a chemical employed since the early seventies, presumed to be completely safe (by the FDA in spite of mounting evidence) until last spring, is currently being investigated, but still exists in nearly every health and cleaning product available.


Switching soaps is an easy and fairly inexpensive way to remove a few more chemicals from your home. Compared to many conventional soaps it may be more expensive, but seeing as how some countries and politicians domestically are asking that triclosan be banned from children’s products, it is definitely worth making the switch.

Very easy to find, and liquid soaps are often available in bulk-size. Check your local natural food store or buy online here.

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We are total Dr. Bronner’s junkies at our house, too. I recently saw the (new?) rose scent and bought it with enthusiasm. I’m a big rose fan and was excited to try it. Sadly, it looks like we’ll be sticking to our standard go-to’s (peppermint and lavender) as this rose scent smells a lot more like bubblegum. Such a bummer, but at least there are plenty of other scents!

Comment by Aly

Oh good to know! I was eyeing the rose scent just the other day and was going to try it once my ration was low.

So glad you came by Aly! I love seeing all of your beautiful pics so I’m flattered you visited. xo

Comment by Natira

I love the almond liquid soap. I use it for hand and body soap. I actually brought some to work in a small pump bottle and the whole office uses it now! I remember you had the lavender at your house last summer and I started buying it just after that visit with you! I am hooked! Muah!


Comment by Meem

Wow! After all these chats about natural soaps, I think you’ve sold me. I’m totally going to run out and buy this stuff once I’m almost out of the current stuff I use! Thanks for the tip!! xo

Comment by Christine

I’ve heard good things about Method too. I’ll have to look into that. wink.

Comment by Natira

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