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Happy Friday!
February 11, 2011, 10:56 am
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The weekend is here! It’s really feeling like spring so I’m planning on venturing out into the sun for some farmer’s market action and a nice long walk. Since my little meltdown a few weeks ago things are great and there are lots of new things happening. Not going to divulge just yet, but soon….

Hope you’ve got some fun plans ahead of you. Perhaps some Valentine’s Day dates? Whatever it is, have a great weekend!

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Low-key Valentine
February 10, 2011, 12:30 pm
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I don’t think I ever fully grasped the concept of Valentine’s Day. It’s just that it all seems so contrived: roses, dinner reservations, chocolate in a heart-shaped box. Bleh. I’m not saying I’m not up for a built-in date night (on a Monday at that!) but I think I’d get the most out of Valentine’s Day if we just kept it low-key (I mean, super low-key) but still meaningful. Here’s my recipe for a mellow evening for two (or just you) with some fun and useful gifts sprinkled in.


1.  Sayuri Nigori Sake – One of my favorites. Unfiltered so it has a sweet milky texture.

2.  Tea glass – A beautiful Turkish-style glass meant for tea, but would look just as good with some Sake it in.

3.  Poco Dolce chocolate squares – A local SF chocolatier specializing in a little bit of sweet and savory in their chocolates. Available at Whole Foods.

4.  Cold plate – Comes with a porcelain plate, a cooling pad, and tray to make sure your cold items stay cold. Perfect for sashimi!

–  Not pictured – Swing by Whole Foods on your way home from work. You can pick up the Sayuri and Poco Dolce, but even more awesome is their Genji* sushi. This is what puts the low-key in this date night.

5.  Reusable chopsticks and case – For on-the-go. No more icky waribashi (disposable) chopsticks. I must have these!

6.  Good music played on a nano through a balloon USB speaker – Nothing says I love you (or I love me) like pulling together a playlist.

7.  A fun game of Scattergories – Will be extra fun after a few glasses of the Sake!

7a. Solo Valentine’s can replace item #7 with a favorite movie. I’d go with Priceless, a super-cute French movie with Audrey Tatou. But if you’re feeling fragile you could always choose a Michael Bay (as director) movie; the explosions will keep you entertained and distracted.

So what do you think? Super simple and still sweet. Just please promise that you won’t eat your sushi out of the container. If you’re not into the cold plate just find the sexiest plate you can and channel your inner sushi chef for plating.

* Whole Foods Genji sushi uses compostable containers and sustainable fish where possible. And it’s just plain good.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


February 8, 2011, 10:59 am
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Ever since I got a hot pink cardigan from a killer J.Crew sale last summer I have been on a neon spree. I can’t think of a better way to will spring into existence than by wearing a combination of fluorescent colors. I’ve been wearing this combination of hot pink and electric yellow together lately and I love how fun it is; but, if that’s too 80’s-esque for you, just try for one of these bright accessories with neutrals. The Lulu Guinness lips clutch paired with an LBD, or a flash of an electric yellow bra strap with a knit beach cardigan would be just as flirty.

There are lots of other neon options too. I’m loving the orange.

Elise Overland, Julien MacDonald, Versace (photos by Imaxtree via Elle)

Lulu Guinness lips clutch – $350

Marc Jacobs embossed laptop case – $50

Deborah Marquit French Lace Balconette bra –  $195

Weck jars
February 7, 2011, 7:20 am
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Oh, how I wish I had found these wonderful jars when I had canned my tomatoes last autumn! I know they’re only storage jars but they are just so sleek and sexy. Of course, they’re also completely functional with a reusable glass lid if you’re going the canning route. (Better than tossing the lids of conventional jars.)

I happened upon these Weck canning and storage jars (from Germany) just a few weeks ago and used them for the pickled chanterelle recipe; I really am not sure if I was more giddy over the mushrooms or the jars. Since tomato canning season isn’t for quite a while, I’m most excited to use these in place of plastic storage containers for leftovers. But then again there’s also their juice line that has so many potential uses, I’ll have to add a few of these to the list too. A great carafe shape with an air tight lid: score!

Available here in sets of six.

So much better
February 3, 2011, 3:26 pm
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Olly Moss

Been light on posting this week, but I am indeed still alive. After a traumatic day last week, and a weekend of deep thinking, plenty of naps, and a marathon of The Office I came out okay in the end. In fact, after a few days I came out even better than before. In the midst of my humiliation revelation I came across this lovely print and it actually made me feel better.

More great prints here.

[via Black Eiffel] Did provide some solace knowing I wasn’t the only one that had a terrible day.

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