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Scored: Cavalli & Choo
March 13, 2012, 1:06 pm
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Ok, so it’s no secret how much I adore lusting after beautiful clothes and premiere designers; but here’s the thing, it can be discouraging to covet such lovely things and realize that the price point is higher than your wallet can take. And while I have plenty of covetous moments it’s also not completely impossible to add some great pieces to your closet.

Here’s the thing…

1. Quality over quantity. Instead of buying more pieces, save and wait to find that one piece that’s perfectly tailored, made of quality materials, unique in style, and ultimately makes you feel amazing. This means I have far fewer opportunities to come home with new goods, but for me at that moment I have the perfect piece and it makes up for anything I could have had bought in between.

2.  Avoid splurging on trends. If you can try to identify ones that will have a long-life, or have classic elements to them they’ll be worth splurging on. The Cavalli dress I found buried on a sale rack definitely has a great of-the-moment print, but the classic cut (ultimately the fitted pencil-length) make it something that I’ll be able to re-purpose forever.

3.   Remember it’s an investment. Buy these knowing that you won’t always be able to wear it, but hang on, they always come back around. So, I scored these Jimmy Choos at a Nordstrom sample sale about eight years ago. I wore them here and there but there definitely came a time when they seemed out-of-style (back when the platform trend was just taking off). I tucked them safely away and knew a time would come when I could pull them out and wear them again, never guessing it’d be about another of-the-moment pairing by mixing prints! And of course, because the dress is so fitted, the smaller heel is important here. (Keep it classy.)


4.  Be patient. Knowing that you’re investing in pieces with a longer style life gives you the chance to wait for great sales. You can either eye a piece and keep watch (risky, but rewarding), or you can migrate over to new stores and start scoping out the sale racks to see what catches your eye. Either way  know that many times you’ll be coming up empty-handed, but when you do score your investment piece it will be better that any ten “buying just to buy” pieces you got. Forget the instant gratification and wait for the big pay-off, trust me.

5. Be confident. Only buy something if you really feel it; make sure you can see yourself in it, make sure it makes you happy . There’s nothing worse than paying top dollar for something you’ll never wear!

Next time you’re less than inspired by a quick trip for a new pair of shoes, give it a go, hold off and save your cash for that perfect pair that are waiting for you at the next Barney’s sale.

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i’m totally with you on this and have been trying to do the same myself. i bet the dress looks amazing on you! hugs! miss ya.

Comment by Sandhya

Thanks Sandhya! Miss ya lots.

Comment by Natira

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