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Avocado & Ak-Mak’s
April 4, 2012, 5:24 am
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Avocado & Ak-Mak crackers for breakfast

Check out my new favorite breakfast/snack courtesy of my guy. We don’t do much shopping at Trader Joe’s except to get the ingredients for this, but the avocado, lemon, and Ak-Mak crackers are all organic and quite the deal when compared to other stops. Seriously, the avocados come 4 to a bag and are perfect every time, and that’s hard to come by. Oh how I love cutting into a perfectly creamy and smooth avocado, but conversely how much does it suck to have to salvage bits from a bruised and battered one. Just be sure you make time to sit on them for a few days, by about day three or four there should be at least one for you to dig into.

(Be sure not to skip the olive oil. It may seem like gilding the lily, but it’s essential.)


–  Avocado

–  Finely chopped shallot, scallion, or garlic

–  Juice from 1/2 lemon

–  Sprinkle of sea salt

–  Drizzle of olive oil

–  Ak-Mak crackers

Throw in a bowl and mix lightly.

Variations or additions

–  Finely chopped cucumber

–  Organic micro-greens (From TJ’s too)

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