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Domaine de Canton – Ginger Liqueur
April 30, 2012, 6:30 am
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Domaine de Canton as a champagne cocktail & margarita

Lately I’ve been deep in cocktail testing mode for the restaurant and have been reading about Domaine de Canton, a ginger infused liqueur distilled from cognac. I was super excited to start playing with it, and with the bottle as lovely as it is I figured I couldn’t really go wrong.

Of course, my first test was to try it with champagne. I chose a cuvee brut and added small amounts incrementally hoping to get a nice balance of the ginger with the dryness of the champagne. The problem here was that the sweetness curve rose much more dramatically than the ginger did, so it wasn’t really possible to get the ginger taste I wanted without making it too sweet. While it is aromatic and gingery, the fragrance is just not as exciting or as enticing as St. Germaine; which by the way, I have been referring to as Domaine de Canton’s cousin throughout this process.

Next I tried it as part of a vodka soda and still wasn’t able to get it to successfully take center stage. The sweetness overpowered any chance of true ginger intensity to come through.

Finally realizing it could best be used as a supporting ingredient I tried a margarita and used it in place of Triple Sec or Cointreau. I thought the salt would be a nice balance against the sweet and perhaps it would serve as a “secret-secondary ingredient”; something that you wouldn’t necessarily recognize but could identify as something special. The margarita application was the best so far, but it was still so far from the fresh gingery cocktail I’d been craving.

Here’s the thing:

–  It’s far too sweet. The texture has a viscous quality that is more slippery and syrupy; and aside from the initial fragrance, the first, last, and most predominant taste was sugar. Cloyingly so.

–  While there are hints of ginger in the aroma and taste (and not at all artificial, by the way) it completely lacks that ginger punch and spiciness that, as a ginger-lover, I dearly missed.

This is going to be one for many a mixologists arsenal, but I just can’t jump on the bandwagon. As much as I wanted to love it and share some killer recipes, the level of sweetness and lack of true ginger zing limits its applications.

In case you’re curious to give it a go, here’s how I made the margarita:
Ginger margarita

– Salt for rimming the glass

–  Ice

–  1 lime

– 1.5 oz. Tequila blanco (I used Don Julio)

–  .5 oz Domaine de Canton

– Float of soda water to top-off

  1. Slice the lime in half and from one of the halves slice one small wheel. Cut in half and set aside.
  2. Salt the rim of the glass by rubbing half of the lime and dipping into salt.
  3. Place the small pieces of lime in the bottom of the glass and add the Domaine de Canton. Muddle gently.
  4. Fill with ice.
  5. Add the Tequila, juice from the lime halves, and top with a small float of soda.

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I like to make a ginger-pear martini with the Domaine de Canton

Comment by Jennifer

That sounds really good, the pear’s a great idea. I need to do some more testing so I’ll add that to the list!

Comment by Natira

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