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Sriracha, the real stuff
May 16, 2012, 10:46 am
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Shark brand Sriracha

I get why people are fascinated with Sriracha sauce, I love it too! On or in almost anything it can be the perfect condiment. The list of applications is endless and that’s precisely why it has captured everyone’s fancy stateside. It really is wonderful stuff, but the stuff that most people love is the wrong one.

Rooster brand Sriracha is made in Rosemeade, California and contains preservatives (sodium bisulfite) that I can taste and leave me with MSG-ish sensations in my mouth. I don’t touch the stuff. I want the real thing, I want the Sriracha that’s actually made in Thailand (named after the port town of Sri Racha.)

Shark brand Sriracha is the perfect balance of heat, salt, sweet, and vinegary tang. The label even shows you the percentage of each ingredient, and there are only six: chili, water, sugar, garlic, salt, vinegar. It’s lighter and less assaulting than the Rooster and is more of an accompaniment (as it should be) and less of a bomb of willy-nilly heat and vinegar (and sodium bisulfite).

Next time you find yourself out of your go-to Asian condiment try a different brand…any brand…just not that one again.

To find it head to your nearest Asian grocery store or check it out here.

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