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May 18, 2012, 6:37 am
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I had been preparing myself for a less than spring-y Spring this year, but as luck would have it we’ve been completely spoiled so far. I actually got to wear shorts and skirts for the past five days! I don’t remember Seattle being this generous last year, in fact I remember something like two straight weeks of rain at one point. My fingers are crossed that this lovely weather continues. Hoping you’ve gotten kissed by the sun as well.



Summer dress for an impromptu al fresco brunch. Love the kimono style of this dress, complete with the sweetest drop-waist skirt. Too bad the skirt was so short the back of my legs looked very much like the stripes on the tablecloth, thanks to the picnic-style chairs. Ah, but who cares it was a gorgeous day, and my legs hadn’t seen the sun in for-ev-er.


On The Radio Live (1983). I’ve unabashedly confessed my obsession over disco music a few times before, so of course I was really sad to hear that Donna Summer had passed away yesterday. She has always been, and will continue to be one of my all-time favorite artists. Here’s a sweet little performance to celebrate The Queen of Disco and her talents that went far beyond that title.


Not half bad for a desperate snack. It’s deceivingly elegant-looking, but really I just raided the fridge in desperation. Here’s another no-recipe-recipe: Ak-mak crackers, smoked salmon, Bellwether Farms crème fraiche, cucumber slices, pea shoots, olive oil, salt, pepper. (Wedges of lemon on the side.) Stack ’em and eat.

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