Ooh, my favorite!

2-in-1 LBD
May 23, 2012, 6:13 am
Filed under: Fashion

I came across this Katie Ermilio dress on Shopbop the other day and I still haven’t been able to shake it from my thoughts. Not only is it taffeta (squeal!), but that lovely full A-line skirt you see is detachable, and when removed it gives way to an elegant and fitted cocktail dress.

I’m sorry, but I could rock the hell out this dress, and that’s without ever removing the outer skirt. I’m also really taken with how the deep V bustline and the same shape of the thin straps at the back exposes a lot of skin, but with such an elegant shape overall the look is pure class.

The price is quite high at $1,600 but as a fan of all of Ermilio’s past designs, and with all of the attention she’s gotten lately, I can only see investing in a piece from her as a wise one. Right about now I’m wondering how much I have saved in my coin jar….

If you’re interested in a quick rundown on Ermilio, here’s a great article. (Oh yeah, and by the way, she’s 26 years old.)

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