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Underwater Hotel – Dubai
May 24, 2012, 8:32 am
Filed under: Art and Design, Travel

These concept designs are for Deep Ocean Technology‘s soon-to-be luxury hotel in Dubai. The hotel consists of a series of discs above and below the surface of the water. Below the surface there are 21 rooms, an underwater dive center, and a bar. Above are the lobby, restaurant, spa, and recreation areas.

Anyone else have visions of Louis Gossett Jr. and a giant shark? Regardless though, it’s a really cool concept.


Seems they’ve also seen Jaws 3 so the plans call for a safety system that’s integrated with international weather and earthquake warning systems, cameras, and remotely operated underwater vehicles stationed around the underwater discs.


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Like… Seriously?

Comment by travelwyse

Guess I need to learn to scuba dive ;)

Comment by Thani

Could you actually do it? Like stay there for real?

Comment by Natira

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