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June 1, 2012, 7:23 am
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I suppose it’s been pretty apparent here and on Instagram that I’ve been sick. Honestly though, it was the head cold from hell. I’ve heard it’s been going around but I’m not sure how that’s supposed to help me feel better, it’s actually pretty gross. Anyway, I’m feeling much better but alas, I don’t have anything too sexy to share in the way of this week’s favorites. Looking on the bright side though, I did come up with some magic moments from my sick days at home.



The magic of coconut oil. I kept this small bowl of coconut oil by me the whole time. My nose would have been a glowing beacon of cherry redness had I not applied this religiously. No joke, as a natural antiseptic it’s an essential sick day staple.

The magic of toe socks. When worn correctly these are so cozy and comforting. (I can’t stress the worn correctly part enough.)

The magic of sleep masks. On one hand it was great that I was sick on my two days off. On the other, I have absolutely no idea what I actually did during those two days. It’s all very, very hazy but I did manage to snap a pic of this to prove to mom that I was indeed dying.

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Why does it look like you only have 4 toes on your left foot?

Comment by Thani Suchoknand (@thanithani)

Oh yes, I guess you CANT stress “worn correctly” enough. Hah!

Comment by Thani Suchoknand (@thanithani)

Forget the four toes…it looks obscene! I walked around all day with it like that.

Comment by Natira

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