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Sushi Fantasies
June 12, 2012, 10:20 am
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I’ve come along way in my sushi game over the past few years.  So much so that I’m finding it’s pretty much impossible to find a sushi bar to satisfy me. Sadly, sushi experiences in Seattle have left me wanting for so much more.

Sushi is sophisticated. Sushi is sensual. Sushi is sexy. Sighhhhh.

In my fantasies I want the entire experience to reflect those elements. I want to float in, take my seat at the bar, sip on a killer glass of sake, pull a special pair of chopsticks out of my bag, have the chef shower me with all of his freshest and most prized pieces. Squeal! (Such a pleasant fiction, no?)

There’s just no place for crummy throw-away chopsticks from China in my fantasy. Enter these gorgeous collapsible chopsticks from Snow Peak: a premiere Japanese camping and outdoor living company. The wood section is made from broken Japanese baseball bats and the connecting piece is brass with the top half hollow stainless steel. They may be sturdy enough for outdoor use, but for me these are the perfect addition to my sushi dreams.

$36 available at Canoe.


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As a sushi fan (tho not as knowledgeable as you, I assume), I can tell you that we had in our fridge, some 3-dya old tuna tartare that was exquisite. My TEN-year-old and I ate it as an appetizer with rice crackers after we planted our peach tree and remembered our visit with our friend, Natira…

Comment by Annik

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