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June 15, 2012, 10:51 am
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This week has been a struggle to be inspired or creative; I don’t know if it’s traveling that kicked my butt or if it’s work. I had an amazing time in Denver last weekend and more than anything I’m thinking that it’s vacation withdrawals. When my very good friend Annik asked if I’d be interested in flying in as a surprise 10th birthday gift for her daughter B, there was no way I could resist. I got to spend four fun-filled days with two of my very favorite people. Yeah, it’s withdrawals for sure. Sigh. 

Here’s hoping you get to spend time with some of your favorite people this weekend, especially Dad…don’t forget about him!


B’s room was so sweet! There was something so magical about staying in her room, I have the fondest memories of being 10.

But then I came home and realized I haven’t progressed as far as I’d thought…whatever, kindred spirits decorate alike.

Oh yeah, and do you notice the dragonfly photo from this post? It’s one of my most prized possessions and the fact that the photographer sent me the image file to have printed and framed makes it that much better. 

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We had the BEST time with you, Tira; you always bring a sweet, generous and genuine magic to our house. Bian is still sulking that you\’re not here. (she refuses to let me wash her sheets and pillowcases b/c they smell like her Brown Princess friend…) Tell Andrew CowTown needs a StumpTown! We hope to see you this summer.

Comment by queenshannikwa

I miss you guys so much. I want to come back now!

Comment by Natira

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