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June 22, 2012, 10:27 am
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I’m feeling much, much better. I don’t hate the world anymore. I had a weird week at work, and honestly sometimes dealing with people can be so hard. Really…just so incredibly hard. (Hence the Voo Doo Tea post yesterday.) I realize that I internalize the disappointing interactions I have with people and eventually it gets to be too much, but more than anything I simply can’t believe how unhappy and ugly people can be. It just got to be too much for me and I couldn’t shake it.

I get to meet some really wonderful people everyday so I’m hoping that in time I can be better at remembering those interactions. Until that day comes I have my own little regimen of therapies to help me deal when things sometimes get to be too heavy and draining, and I hope the next time you’re feeling a bit beat up you can take solace in these ideas and take the time to care for yourself. In the meantime, have a killer weekend filled with happy interactions.


Eating my feelings. Sounds cliché but the first thing I do when I feel blah is to eat. This isn’t eating for the sake of eating though, at this point it’s more about feeding your body and soul. As much as I am compelled to gorge on pasta I first go for something light and clean. I say save the carbs for dinner…helps you sleep better too! 

I decided to go with the GORGEOUS King Salmon lox from Sitka & Spruce for lunch. (For dinner my guy took me to Delancey for pizza!)

Shopping my feelings. I felt much better after lunch but still needed a pick-me-up so I headed down to Nordstrom and somehow scored this Alexander Wang tee on super-sale. Hell. Yeah.

(A word of warning: DO NOT attempt jeans shopping when you’re feeling fragile. Stick to flowy tops and dresses, and shoes.)

Chocolate coating my feelings. A no-brainer. The perfect accompaniment to all the tea I have been drinking. (Gorgeous packaging isn’t it.)

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