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July 13, 2012, 11:45 am
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It doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, but I finally caught the get-organized-and-rearrange-the-house bug. Studio living doesn’t give me many options for change, so aside from my bed shifting I spent most of my time purging old documents and adding to my Goodwill pile. It felt great but I still have to move on to my closet and dressing room, and that’s pretty much going to suck. I tend to use those rooms as storage for everything I don’t want to see in my bedroom and living room so it’ll be a big project. Hopefully the bug bites me again soon. Sigh.

Happy weekend to you. Kiss!

Office cubby, organized. I have the Expedit shelf as my (former headboard) room separator of sorts, so I use one of the squares to hold my office goodies. Is it just me or is this always the first place to collect junk? It felt so good to be rid of all the extra papers!

Favorite summer pieces, easily accessible. I figured it was time to move my most-used summer pieces out from the dressing room into the living area where there’s lots more natural light, and where I ultimately get ready everyday. My statement necklace, Litter shoulder chain, and summer fedora are ready for repeat.

Bedside table, set. Since I moved my bed slightly I now have room for a little nightstand. I like to sleep with my phone far away so I found this awesome vintage travel clock. The face and case are turquoise leather, and it folds into a compact! Also with a water glass, jewelry tray, and sleep mask next to me I have everything I need for bed. I already love this so much more than using one of the cramped book shelves. Yay!

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