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July 17, 2012, 10:49 am
Filed under: Fashion, Seattle

In the land of North Face fleeces and hipster plaid for days, something strange happens when the sun comes out. Suddenly a mantra of layered cozy is traded-in for the ubiquitous less is more. Looking for some shorts for my upcoming trip to Michigan it started to make sense though. I couldn’t believe the array of super-short, bootie-hugging, crotch-dusting lengths, which by the way, are THE ONLY THINGS AVAILABLE. I don’t want jeans crawling up my crack ever, let alone in conditions of sticky, sweaty, humid. Eww.

So I started hunting for a boyfriend short since I love my pair of bf jeans. As girlie as I can be I often prefer to mix one something really girlie with one something that’s really not. I like the idea of distressed long-ish denim shorts with some ethereal and feminine accessories. It’s all about the juxtaposition. Slouchy yet sweet.

For the denim shorts, I must admit I’m still having a hard time finding the look that I really want to share with you. To be honest, the best route would be to go thrifted and cut your own, but for these guys here I’d go a size (or two) up so they rest lower and a bit baggier on the hip. Paired with a casual front/side tuck of the top to see a glimpse of the silvery belt and you’re good to go. (For the top I’d go as small as possible since it’s oversized.)

Got it? Good.

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What a perfect outfit :)

Comment by Mari

I am preparing for Michigan. It’s going to be so hot!

Comment by Natira

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