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July 20, 2012, 10:23 am
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Summer was in full swing until this morning with our thunderstorms, but still it’s been hot and muggy by our standards. Even if the sun’s hidden by the haze I’m so just happy that I get to wear summer dresses and shorts (of appropriate length, ahem). Another great week flew by with goodies from the farmer’s market, evening walks, and sour cherry pie making. Yeah, it wasn’t hot enough to not make pies, thank god. Hope you’ve got some sexy weekend plans.

Happy weekend to you. Kiss!

Snacking on sardine sammies. I have been craving these like none other (with purslane!). I know sardines get a bum rap, but it’s pretty much the same as eating tuna BUT it’s much more sustainable, has more omega-3’s, and fewer toxins since it’s lower on the food chain. My favorite brand is the Spanish brand Matiz Gallego.

Babysitting Chase & Chloe. I had the pleasure of visiting these two every day for dinner and a long walk through Volunteer Park. Westies love the sun so we all got a little sun-kissed.

Late night date nights. I love going for evening walks, which is probably the hardest part about working nights at the restaurant in the summertime. This week though, we got to bop around for bubbly, snacks, and dinner AT the movies. We went to see Top Secret at Central Cinema. It’s such a great spot. The vintage trailers were my fave.

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Been raining all day today in UK too. Hope for a sunny weekend,

Comment by Alex Jones

Aw, I love it over there, Alex. The weather is so similar to ours here, but you guys have so much more history and culture! :)

Comment by Natira

Thats true, Colchester is where I am from with its Roman walls, castles and abbey ruins.

Comment by Alex Jones

Ooh, I love it! I feel like I belong over there…it’s in my blood.

Comment by Natira

Can’t believe it took me so long to subscribe to your blog – its lovely! I agree about the sardines. Matiz Gallego is worth the extra dollar when you buy sardines. I also really like their octopus (Pulpo). Very curious if I can find your super green out here in Boston. Wish me luck:)

Comment by Becca Dean (@becdean)

I had the Pulpo in a salad for dinner last night. I love it so much. I’ll see if I can poke around and find purslane in your area, but if you go to the farmer’s market they might be able to point you to a farmer.

I’m so glad you found me here!

Comment by Natira

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