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Berry soda
August 13, 2012, 10:50 am
Filed under: Drinks, Farmer's Market

Quick and easy berry soda

I’ve been going berry crazy at the farmer’s market the past few weekends, but with our extra warm weather they barely last the ride home. I needed a quick and dirty way to enjoy them after they were slightly past their prime– and by that I mean the very next day. You could boil them down, make a syrup, strain it, blah, blah, but I like the big bits of fresh berries and seeds. If you’re really not into the seeds you could strain them I suppose, but this really is a one jar kinda deal.

The touch of rose water adds a lightly fragrant note to the berries, but be careful not to add too much! Just a few drops is perfect. It’s worth having as a pantry staple, but if you don’t have it don’t worry, it’s not necessary.

1.  All you’ll need: ice, berries, honey, rose water, soda water

2.  Add the berries, spoonful of honey, and a few drops of rose water to a mason jar

3.  Muddle, add the ice and soda water. Sip.

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