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Karaköy Rooms
August 14, 2012, 9:55 am
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Karaköy Rooms

Again, here I go yearning from the depths of my soul for history and charm. On a short walk last week we must have counted at least a handful of beautiful 100-year-old Victorian homes with Proposed Land Use signs planning to demolish the home and replace it with a series of townhomes; like build ’em fast and cheap and shove as many onto one lot as we can kind of townhomes. For me it’s heart-breaking. Seattle is changing and its new identity seems to lack character and soul. I heard someone refer to Capitol Hill as a Monopoly board the other day and really I think that says it all.

In order to combat the edges of depression that follow from overexposure to those dismal land use proposals, I find myself escaping online where I can find soul-stirring treasures like this: the Karaköy Rooms, overlooking the Bosphorous in Istanbul, Turkey. Are you seeing this?! The architectural details, the herringbone wood floors, the exposed copper pipes! And, oh my god, the mosaic tiling in the bathroom is unbelievable. It’s all the result of a renovation to a building over 100 years old.

Hmm, what a concept, a renovation.

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I want to live there! The view is amazing! The detail/workmanship is first rate.

Comment by Meem

Let’s go for vacay!

Comment by Natira

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