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These are a few…
September 28, 2012, 12:08 pm
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Today I am ecstatic! It is Friday, but due to my new schedule at the restaurant it is actually my Saturday! I can’t even begin to explain how much I needed a weekend day off to be with Andrew, but also for us to plan and get some of our side projects done. On this inaugural weekend we are planning on making lamb stew, pumpkin pie, and watching movies at home. Full on hibernation mode!

I hope you have hibernation plans of your own on this wonderful autumn weekend. Here are my favorite things from the week. Kiss!

My third grade watch. For real. I found my alphabet watch and have been rockin’ it. It makes me happy and surprisingly enough I’ve gotten compliments when I wear it to work. Ha!

Homemade yogurt, granola, and jam. I really don’t think there is anything better than the gift of food. Andrew’s chef friend (from Sitka!) has this awesome little side project and it is the best of each I’ve ever had.

An unruly collection of salts. Andrew is the master at using different salts for, so now we must find a good way to organize them.

Naeem Khan Spring ’13
September 27, 2012, 11:19 am
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Years ago I came across the bedroom (and more importantly the duvet) of designer Naeem Khan and it ever since I’ve been a loyal fan and follower of his work. It often seems the homes of designers are overly done, but so much of the reason I loved this room was because, even styled, it looks livable. Simple yet some really elegant pieces with the oversized bedspread and the mirrored headboard with the cosmos light fixture reflecting in it.

His showing at NYFW a few weeks ago reminded me of how much I loved his room, but also how he can make a mean dress. See the whole collection here.

(PS Did anyone else find coverage of the shows to be just beyond ridiculous? Even in my small circle of daily reads and blog feeds I was completely overwhelmed and kind of put off by the whole thing.)




[images via pinterest & Style.com]

Homemade caviar
September 26, 2012, 3:15 pm
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A little late today, but I have an excuse! I was elbow deep in salmon roe and salt water. Dad unexpectedly saved some roe for us after his fishing trip yesterday morning so I had to get to curing it for my cravings atop omelets, potato latkes with creme fraiche, deviled eggs, smoked salmon rillette…it goes on and on.

Andrew found this wonderful recipe and step-by-step guide from the blog Savor the Taste of Oregon, and it’s really quite easy to do. The only intensive part is separating the roe from the skeins, but I found that using a wood chopstick to gently scrape the eggs away from the membrane worked nicely. And really, you’ll just have to accept that much of it will not be usable without meticulously separating them one…by…one.

This is the perfect way to celebrate salmon season and also to use every part of the fish. I notice in the kitchen at the restaurant there is not one piece that goes to waste; they even fry the bones and eat them as a snack! I’ve taken this to heart and have tried to do the same at home…it just so happens that I love caviar so it’s not too much of a stretch to get a little dirty and make my own. Eeh, I’m so happy. If this is your thing give it a go! Here’s my slight variation on the recipe.

Cured salmon roe:

–  3 quarts of water at 100-degrees

–  1 cup of coarse sea salt

–  2-4 fresh salmon skeins

–  2 large bowls

–  1 large seive

–  clean canning jars

In one of the large bowls create the brine by adding the salt to the warm water. Once the salt is mostly dissolved add the salmon skeins and soak in the brine for 30 minutes. Fill the other large bowl with water and set aside.

Note: The eggs will start to cloud, but don’t worry they will regain their clarity after another dip in the salt brine before transferring to the jar.

When the time is up gently transfer the roe into the bowl of fresh water and begin separating the eggs into the seive and rinse with water as needed (if it starts to get sticky). Take the seive of eggs and dip it back into the salt brine. Transfer to a super clean jar and store in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.



Autumn Uniform
September 25, 2012, 8:33 am
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military prep

Chloé silk top /Hooded coat / Acne leather skirt / H&M wool knee high socks / Charlotte Russe short heels / Jil Sander Navy genuine leather handbag / Cartier 18k gold bangle / Levi’s Made & Crafted chunky knit scarf / People Tree stitch hat / MAC lipglass

This is my favorite autumn outfit. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I’ve started collecting similar pieces and some extras to do some mixing and matching. The key here is the military overcoat paired with the ladylike blouse (this one’s Chloe and it’s sold out and I’m sad). It hits the camouflage jacket trend without being overtly trendish (there’s that word again) and really, it’s just more my style. I also love the leather mini. This one from Acne is a splurge but has a shape basic enough to last forever. I myself am on a budget since I’m also working to furnish a soon to be new space with my guy, so instead I’ve found some really great vintage leather skirts for super cheap…like less than $50 cheap.

Can we also just take a moment to collectively drool over that candy apple red bag? I would rock the hell out of that thing.

Mini lamp hunting
September 24, 2012, 10:35 am
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Remember my new vintage french cabinet from a few weeks ago? I also casually mentioned that I was looking for a small lamp to place atop it, but really what I should have said was that I was stalking/hunting/obsessing. There are no mini table lamps out there! Even tried searching for a “bookshelf lamp” and while it was a little better, it was still mostly scary at how tacky people can be. Anyway, this little red guy here was a chance vintage find. Eeeh, he’s so cute and shiny! I can’t wait to see how it looks with the persimmon print. I found him at favorite Etsy shop AM Radio, a beautifully curated shop, modern vintage with a minimal eye.

While the hunt was tough, I should mention that there was ONE really great mini-lamp I came across…

…and even though it could have worked on the cabinet, it wasn’t exactly right. I still want it somewhere, at some point, but until I know precisely where, I shall just file it away. This is the Misewell Tokyo Lamp made sustainably by the award-winning Misewell brothers of Milwaukee. They really are a kick ass furniture design company. Check out more of the goods.

Made in the USA.  Tokyo I $245, Tokyo II $305.

These are a few…
September 21, 2012, 10:53 am
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I am back from a great holiday and now I must settle back in to a routine and prepare for a new (and my favorite) season. I’m thinking of all the vegetables that will be appearing at the farmer’s market, and of all the things I want to eat. I’m also thinking that perhaps I would like a few new wardrobe staples. It sounds like there are many lists to be made; god I love writing lists.

I hope you have a sexy weekend ahead of you, perhaps preparing for the changing season. Here are a few of my favorite things from my holiday in The Bay. Kiss!

The last summer mani. The time has come for greys and burgundies, but I couldn’t resist one last summer fling.

Beautifully wrapped candles at the Diptyque boutique. How I wish I could wrap packages like this.

The dim sum cart at State Bird Provisions. My love of small plates and variety was most certainly satisfied. We had such a great meal.

Francois Pinon Vouvray
September 20, 2012, 12:47 pm
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As much as I love a nice cold glass of bubbly, and as often as I sneak it into lunches/dinner/just because, I really should be sharing my favorites here more often. I’m not a connoisseur in any way, but I do have strong opinions about what I like and why. So here we go…

This is my other favorite bubbly, next to the Rose d’Orfeuilles that I posted before. This is the François Pinon Vouvray Brut Petillant Non-Dose, but we just call it Vouvray. Tart, but not sour, this chenin blanc grape wine has a lovely minerality but also hints of citrus rind and honey. And perhaps my favorite feature, the beading (bubbles, effervescence, etc.) is off the charts amazing and endorphin-inducing. It is pure elegance.

This is an organically grown and harvested wine, but another really cool feature is that new plantings are selected from the farm and not from a nursery, so the genetic make-up of the vines remains consistent from year to year. Also, the Non-Dose means that there is no sugar added during fermentations or during bottling.

One really important thing to note I realized just last night when we did a little experiment. This particular wine is best served in a flute and NOT A COUPE! As much as I love my coupes, only the flute is able to maintain the elegant beading of this wine. With the wide surface area of the coupe the effervescence is lost and the taste profile changes so quickly. Trust me and stick to the flute.

I usually head down the hill and grab this from Bar Ferd’nand, but you can also buy online here. $23.



Scenic Drive
September 19, 2012, 8:04 am
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Heading back to Seattle after eating, shopping, and napping on my holiday in The Bay. I’d forgotten how much I miss these 49-Mile Scenic Drive road signs, so when I saw them in these artistic variations at Zinc Details on Fillmore it made me smile. I love them as an entire installation.

“49 Reasons Why I Love You” By Annie Galvin

Abbaye de Belloc
September 18, 2012, 9:46 am
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It’s been great to be back in San Francisco. Some strange feelings of nostalgia and déjà vu here and there, but still I am having a lovely time. And eating so well too!

Yesterday I had the most incredible cheese and I had to jott down the name and share it with you before I forgot it forever. This is Abbaye de Belloc, an unpasteurized sheep milk cheese made for centuries by Benedictine Monks using milk from local farms. The cheese guy that helped us yesterday said it is the world’s longest continually made cheese.

It’s a semi-firm cheese with a creamy texture that tastes of rich grass and burnt caramel. At first it tastes quite mild, but as the cheese warms on the tongue, and as it bites between your teeth it becomes increasingly flavorful and fatty. I should probably mention the 60% milk fat content. It is gorgeous!

I’ll have to see who has it when I get back from SF, but if you’re in this area check out Gourmet and More in Hayes Valley. It’s a gourmet’s food mecca, and the sweetest little store, but all I really need to say is: cheese walk-in.

You’ll find the cheese guru inside bundled up in a parka and ready to dish out lots of samples. Then you make your choices and he sends you on your way with a tiny basket.



Or you could buy it online here, $15 for 1/2 pound.

Hot house
September 17, 2012, 11:13 am
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NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies has released this video showing Earth’s temperature change from 1880 to present. Regardless of what politicians or news networks say or believe, the world around us is changing. This is a reminder for us to be mindful, everyday, to lessen our impact on our home.

And did you know Americans throw away nearly half of their food every year? Shameful and sad. We could all do so much better.

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