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Vic Firth Pepper Mills
September 10, 2012, 9:24 am
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Who knew making a pepper mill decision could be so difficult? And who’d have thought a drumstick maker would become one of the best sources for gourmet pepper mills? Really.

Just like any other spice, pepper flavor profiles differ drastically between varieties, so at home we have quite a collection of peppercorns that we use in different ways or in combination. The one thing we don’t have is a set of pepper mills, so things can get a bit unruly in the spice cupboard. In an attempt to get organized we are trying to decide which colors and shapes we want to corral our peppercorns with, but it is tough deciding without seeing how they look together. So of course, I made a quick comp. (Nerdy, I know.)

In a more minimalist kitchen setting I could see the mixed colors and shapes being a lot of fun, but for our setting we’ll probably go with either all one color or one shape. My fave is the all white, mixed shape set. What do you like?

Vic Firth Gourmet $35-$45

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