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On the Hunt for: a Sequin Jacket
October 15, 2012, 11:45 am
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I have been on the hunt for a vintage sequin jacket forever and I figured now is the time to come clean…and this is only because I just got some major validation for this seemingly wacky idea. But really, what better way to have been truly affirmed than by Vogue itself.

I love their Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl series but it was this last look from Anna Wintour’s assistant, Adriel Saporta, that supported my obsession. I’ve had such hard time finding the jacket itself, but until now it’s also been impossible to find the proper type of inspiration. I’ve started a board on Pinterest, but to be honest I don’t really like most of the looks. There is such a fine line here, and it’s so easily crossed into Rod Roddy territory. I’m craving for vintage chic, not a trendy showpiece.

In my hunt for perfect vintage glittery goodness there are just so many things to consider:

  1. The shoulder: Probably most important because this dates the piece in the most obvious of ways. No pads, please, no pads.
  2. The length: Nothing too long or it looks like pudgy grandma at a Christmas event; and not too short or it gets into bolero territory.
  3. The pattern: Crazy and bold is fine, just no hearts and stars which somehow seemed to be the thing in the 80’s.
  4. The fit: Doesn’t need to be fitted but definitely not the boxy, oversized look that, again, grandma would go for.

So until all of these criteria are met I shall continue my search for the perfect sequin jacket, and be sure I will show you if I ever find it. Wish me lots of glittery luck.

(The only other source of proper inspiration I’ve been using is TTH from last fall. Love it.)

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