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These are a few…[501]
November 30, 2012, 10:00 am
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Yesterday marked my 500th post. I am mostly impressed that I have the discipline to keep this going. Seriously. Disciplined is not a word I’d use to describe myself in any other area of my life, but I truly can’t think of a better way to spend my time. This makes me very happy (and keeps me sane) and I love, love, love the thought of you stopping in to check things out.

So in celebration I’ve picked a few of my favorite posts from the archives. Kiss!


After I posted this gorgeous image I contacted the photographer and he sent me the original file. One of my most prized possessions this now hangs above my bed.


My recipe for Jok, Thai rice porridge. Still one of my most popular posts after all this time.


One of my all-time favorite YouTube finds. The scale of it all.


The Mine Kafon
November 29, 2012, 9:42 am
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My brother sent me this video last week and I have come back to it a few times since. The video is wonderful, but the story and ingenuity of Massoud Hassani’s Mine Kafon is touching and lasting. This little portrait captures Hassani’s inventive and low cost way to clear landmines in his homeland of Afghanistan… inspired by the homemade wind-powered toys from his youth.

[Directed by Callum Cooper. This is a semifinalist in the Focus Forward Filmmaker Competition and is in the running to become the Grand Prize Winner. You can vote for it at the end of the video.]


Winter Brights
November 28, 2012, 12:17 pm
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Winter Brights

J.Crew merino sweater / Alexander McQueen cotton coat / Joie scalloped skirt / GAP cable socks / Margiela forH&M leather wedge / Alexander Wang satchel handbag / J.Crew heart bracelet / Gorjana earrings / Essie Carnival

I can’t take all the credit for this ensemble since I found three of the main items (sweater, skirt, and bag) individually ranked together, but still I liked the idea of putting them all together and adding the reddish brown boot with the ivory coat to top it off. I’ve been wearing many a skirt with my military jacket and blouse as my autumn uniform, but now with these short, shorter, really short days I’d like to add some color.

Isn’t that scalloped suede skirt awesome? And what do you think about the Margiela for H&M boots? I’m not a designer collab girl but I love the lucite heel. Not timeless, but fun for now if you’re up for it. I could also gush about the gorgeousness that is the Alexander McQueen coat but I have a very nice ivory coat already, so I won’t.

Swedish Christmas
November 27, 2012, 9:45 am
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I was poking around for some minimalist Christmas decorating ideas, and it dawned on me that all I really needed to search for was Swedish Christmas decor. There wasn’t as much as I’d hoped for, but I’m so happy to have come across this lovely home of Swedish calligrapher Ylva Skarp. So beautifully curated and exactly the holiday inspiration I was looking for. While this is probably too stark for most stateside there are some lessons in minimalism here that I would very much like to steal…like the homemade paper trees on the table, the branches placed in vases throughout the house, and nary a knick-knack in sight!


If you look closely in the windows above you’ll see my other favorite holiday accessory: the paper star lantern. I wanted to find some really nice ones and remembered that Terrain had some beautiful ones last year. They’ve got a lot of great holiday decorations but then I hit the motherload at Luna Bazaar and found the same lanterns and more. (They’re about $10 cheaper but don’t include the light chord that Terrain does.)



There are tons of other shapes, but each one is about 24 inches in diameter so they’re BIG. I’m thinking one of these guys will be nice in the bay window next to our soon-to-be tree. Maybe something similar but smaller for the other windows. We’re starting from scratch so I figure the minimalist approach will be perfect…at least until I find some vintage knick-knacks goodies to add into the mix.


[Interior images via Decorator’s Notebook. Lots of great stuff here.]


Dear Golden
November 26, 2012, 9:49 am
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So in just a handful of days we’ve had Black FridaySmall Business Saturday, and of course this Cyber Monday. I’m sure we’re all over these silly labels for shopping days but there is something really nice about shopping small; and a great thing is made even better when there’s a sweet little sale involved. This is precisely why I’m sharing Dear Golden with you — one of my very favorite vintage Etsy shops. And while I used to think of it as my little secret, it’s actually far from it since Lauren has something upwards of 8000 sales and 30,000 admirers. Today she is taking a generous 30% off her entire shop.

Ooh, and here’s a little pic of my latest favorite Dear Golden purchase. My first 1920’s piece ever: a hand-painted autumn colored coat. Impeccably curated and oh-so nostalgically stylish go take a peek and perhaps add some vintage goodies from a sweet little shop.

A day of food
November 21, 2012, 7:15 am
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Over the past year it has become increasingly important for me to become more aware of how what I eat makes me feel; how my body responds to, and is affected by what I consume. In preparation for my very favorite holiday of the year, a day of feasting and all-around thankfulness, I hope you’ll join me in taking time to connect with food and really and truly think about and begin to understand our relationship with what is not just meant to sustain us, but more profoundly what is meant to nourish us every day.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
― Hippocrates

With California recently voting against the labeling of GMOs one of the most disheartening revelations was that some of the country’s most “health-conscious” brands donated funds against the initiative that would give us the right to know what we are consuming. Brands like Kashi, Muir Glen Organics, Silk soy milk, Naked juice, and Larabar all fought to keep genetically modified labeling off their packaging. Regardless of any flaws the initiative may have held, it was the beginning of an important discussion; something every foodie in America should be a part of. (GMO labeling is already mandatory in the European Union, Russia, and Japan.)

So I suppose what I am asking of you, in preparation for this day of food, is to take that pause during your meal not just for the obligatory thankfulness for an epic spread, but to deeply see that it matters how we place value on our relationship with food and it matters what we choose to feed our families.

New at Baggu
November 20, 2012, 7:14 am
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Lots of new stuff from Baggu bags, including an interesting collaboration with Fredericks and Mae: their hand-wrapped tassels accompany two different Baggu accessories.



First up is the suede (or leather) pouch ($80). The tassels are humanely harvested from live horses in Ohio, and the leather used is a byproduct of the meat industry…for those who are concerned.

Then there’s the drawstring purse with tassel ($180). Both the pouch and the purse are handmade in NYC.

For any surfers (or art students?) out there, this sling ($48) is the result of a collaboration with Brooklyn’s Pilgrim Surf and Supply Co.

And then there’s just a good old fashioned weekend bag that I, for one, am in desperate need of.

Trekking back and forth between separate residences is not easy, and as much as I love my Baggu shopping bags…a weekend away bag it does not make. The perfect size, no?



As always there are lots of colors to choose from for each of the goodies listed above. I’m sure you’re not even ready for the onslaught of gift guides coming over the next few weeks (including here, by yours truly) but you may want to consider adding some of Baggu’s original reusable shopping bags to your list. Always a good stocking stuffer.



Dancing Sea Dragons
November 19, 2012, 11:45 am
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A must watch!

[From BBC’s Life Series]

These are a few…[Nature girl edition]
November 16, 2012, 10:17 am
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I traded in my weekend for a few days off mid-week to escape up to Lummi Island for some fun on the farm and in the forest. Ok so perhaps there was an epic meal or two, but for a city girl it was kind of a big deal to get my hands (and boots) dirty. Even though today isn’t my usual day off I’m still riding high from two days of Northwest island life.

And how great is it to now have our sights set on Thanksgiving next week! Here’s hoping you have a lovely weekend preparing for time with your family and friends.

Here are a few of my favorite bits from my excursion and a full post coming next week. Kiss!

Transplanting napa cabbage seedlings. A little bit of garden work in the hoop house at Nettles Farm. Crazy to think that in just about 80 days this will be a giant cabbage.

City girls *can* have fun in the woods. Notice my Sorel boots? They. Are. Awesome.

Hard work indeed. Bubbly and the perfect Northwest beach.

Animal Camouflage
November 15, 2012, 7:10 am
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There’s a marmot hiding in here. Can you see him? (Click on the image to make it bigger.)

[Image by flickr user Photo Phiend]

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