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Swedish Christmas
November 27, 2012, 9:45 am
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I was poking around for some minimalist Christmas decorating ideas, and it dawned on me that all I really needed to search for was Swedish Christmas decor. There wasn’t as much as I’d hoped for, but I’m so happy to have come across this lovely home of Swedish calligrapher Ylva Skarp. So beautifully curated and exactly the holiday inspiration I was looking for. While this is probably too stark for most stateside there are some lessons in minimalism here that I would very much like to steal…like the homemade paper trees on the table, the branches placed in vases throughout the house, and nary a knick-knack in sight!


If you look closely in the windows above you’ll see my other favorite holiday accessory: the paper star lantern. I wanted to find some really nice ones and remembered that Terrain had some beautiful ones last year. They’ve got a lot of great holiday decorations but then I hit the motherload at Luna Bazaar and found the same lanterns and more. (They’re about $10 cheaper but don’t include the light chord that Terrain does.)



There are tons of other shapes, but each one is about 24 inches in diameter so they’re BIG. I’m thinking one of these guys will be nice in the bay window next to our soon-to-be tree. Maybe something similar but smaller for the other windows. We’re starting from scratch so I figure the minimalist approach will be perfect…at least until I find some vintage knick-knacks goodies to add into the mix.


[Interior images via Decorator’s Notebook. Lots of great stuff here.]


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Wow these are super cool and inspirational! I have a somewhat minimalist/modern living room so these are actually great ideas that I might have to implement for the holidays! And I am a huge paper lantern fan as well–these are gorgeous! :)

Comment by The GSB

Aren’t they great @theGSB?! I’m glad you like the idea of a minimalist Christmas as well. It’s so different than what most of us are used to. I haven’t ordered a lantern yet but I think I’d be crazy not to. I’ve been obsessing over them ever since….

Comment by Natira

Yes, I’m thinking about ordering one as well! I love the idea of sticking a conifer in a cool little vase too — it’s like a miniature deconstructed xmas tree! I’ve been having a hard time figuring out a centerpiece idea, so I might just have to run outside, nip a little piece of spruce and call it minimalist decor! :)

Comment by The GSB

not sure pricewise but Fireworks gallery has lovely lanterns and the cord and socket. Last ones I ordered online came with 220v Euro cord and plugs. Lovely!!!

Comment by kristin

I was thinking of them too. They had some on display but I didn’t see the price. I thought perhaps I could use them to supplement splurging on one really nice one.

Comment by Natira

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