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Vintage crystal
January 9, 2013, 12:33 pm
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Vintage crystal serveware

Andrew and I were all set to plan a holiday party last year but it quickly dawned on us that in the hub-bub and holiday frenzy it wouldn’t necessarily be the party we’d want to host. After some brainstorming we settled on Valentine’s Day. It’s perfect actually! It’s right in the midst of the winter doldrums, everyone’s looking for an excuse to get out and have some fun, and so far the guys are really excited that they don’t have to go too far beyond a box of chocolates.

Hoping to make this a tradition of sorts I figured it would be the perfect time to stock up on some vintage serviceware, and for some reason I am all sorts of crystal-glass-giddy. Andrew seems to think this is Grandmaware but I say tut-tut: it is precisely the touch of feminine elegance that we need in the house, and it’s also perfect for a “Lucky Valentine” party such as ours.

As usual I turned to my all-time favorite vintage shop (and all-around guilty pleasures) High Street Market. I happily picked up the bowl and ice bucket above, but oh how I’m dying for the jam jar. At the moment there’s no use for it on our menu but good lord am I trying to sneak it in. Lots of other perfectly curated vintage goodies at the shop too.

So from now until the party we’ll be testing recipes (sharing a few) and I’ll continue to search for more vintage goodies to have on hand.

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