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Golden Globes 2013
January 14, 2013, 11:54 am
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I actually had the chance to catch glimpses of the show last night. There was not a sporting event in sight that could have trumped a very rare chance for me to set the channel. There was many a trend to share but here I’ve picked a few of my favorites and perhaps some that could have been.

I’ll start of with my favorite look of the night with Rachel Weisz and her classy self in Louis Vuitton. Perfectly styled from fingerwave hair to platform sandal. And the lip color! What a great call.

Rachel Weisz

Now onto the groupings…Picture 8Shades of Persimmon  I’ve never been too keen with red on the red carpet, but something about the shades of orangey persimmon I quite like. Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Lawrence, both in Dior Couture, look lovely but I particularly love minimal and elegant styling on Marion, and the pairing of the suede pumps. The proportion and volume on Jennifer is perfect.

Picture 13Deep plunges  I loved Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen, and I was kinda surprised. The long sleeves, keyhole plunge, and the ornate gold details struck a great balance. I loved her hair, but couldn’t help but wonder how a simple up-do would have changed the look. I’m just not sure about the cut-out on Kristin Wiig in Michael Kors. I want to like it, but somehow it looks a little cheap, or as he would say “Coo coo”.

Picture 7

Sheer + sparkles  Isla Fisher looks lovely as always, and Thandie looks adorable. She didn’t get much love for this look but she somehow manages to transform the Giles Deacon dress into something that’s almost ready for afternoon tea, even with those strategically placed glittery details. My question is why did Kerry Washington have to ruin a perfectly beautiful Miu Miu dress with that hair? This is a dress where those vintage waves would have nailed it! I would have also opted for an open sandal as opposed to the pumps.

Picture 15

Hair and make-up  I of course loved the vintage fingerwave styles (the one I rocked for holiday party season!) but have to give the edge to Jessica here as it looks less “glued” and a bit more natural. (No comment on J.Lo…yet). But even more exciting to me was the clean, minimal make-up that Marion Cotillard, Sienna Miller, and Rosario Dawson each had. I love that genuine beauty was showcased as opposed to the gaggles of obviously false lashes, fake tan, and too muchness [see below].

Picture 14

Trying, trying, trying  I’d like to see these ladies shake off some of the desperation and start perhaps acting their age and, like the ladies above, showing the natural side of their beauty. Or for god’s sake at least PICK ONE thing to showcase. Not your leg AND your chest AND your fake tan AND your eye make up AND your hair AND your curves AND the cut-out on your hip. Ugh.

[images via Pinterest]

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