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Seaweed water as a toner
January 16, 2013, 11:43 am
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Seaweed water as a toner

When I posted the Wakame Ponzu salad the other day I mentioned that you should save the water that you used to soak the seaweed, and here’s why: the amazingly nutrient-dense water makes the most wonderfully natural toner for hair and skin. A quick search for seaweed toners online led to a horrific concoction from the Body Shop that has more chemicals and poison than anything that even remotely resembles a trace of raw seaweed. So steer clear. Eat more seaweed and treat your skin and hair with the real thing. The applications are many, here’s how I use it:

Storage: after soaking your wakame overnight, strain the water into an air-tight container and keep refrigerated for up to one week. It’s a living thing, so it will go bad.

Nightly routine: after washing your face with a mild soap (I use Dr. Bronners), splash the seaweed water on your face and neck, let it air dry, and then splash a few more times. You can see your pores drinking it up and shrinking.

Post-facial toner: an especially good toner after an Aztec Clay mask. Your pores are open and ready for the nutrient-rich water. Again, splash a few rounds on your face before you moisturize (with coconut oil preferably!).

Bath water buddy:  add the water to your bath and have a relaxing soak after a good skin brushing. Again your skin and pores will be so happy.

Final rinse: shampoo and condition as usual. Rinse well with the shower water, then pour the seaweed water over your hair and scalp. DO NOT rinse out, just leave it on and continue with your usual hair routine. Don’t worry, there’s no smell or residue but your hair and scalp will love it just as your skin does.

Really a two-for-one kinda deal with a healthful salad AND a trusty facial staple. Give it a go and your skin will be good to you forever.

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Oh my god – this is amazing! I would have never thought to have done something like this – I agree with you on The Body Shop though…not a fan of their products. On the toxicity scale their products tend to rank quite high…

Comment by Jake Sauvage

Oh you have to try it and let me know what you think! It really is amazing how much your skin will just eat it up. (Love your blog, btw.)

Comment by Natira

Thanks a lot – I love yours too! A lot of your content is really far from generic. I’m just soaking up all this greatness, ahaha!

Comment by Jake Sauvage

Can’t wait to try this!

Comment by ZengaZengaBeauty

I hope you like it. Let me know!

Comment by Natira

I’ve done this the last 2 nights and it was awesome!!!

Comment by Mari

Yay! I’m so glad you like it too. Isn’t it crazy how much your skin loves it?!

Comment by Natira

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