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The Cool House
January 17, 2013, 10:58 am
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This is my kind of pop-up shop; in fact, this is my kind of home. Well, actually it’s a penthouse on the sixth floor of the Swiss Grand Hotel on Bondi beach in Sydney, but regardless, it’s an inspiring set-up. The shop was hosted by the folks at The Cool Hunter (my fave!) back in December, and everything (including the penthouse) was for sale.coolhouse4

Reading the latest issue of Lonny I was admiring one of the lovely featured homes, but was suddenly so put off my the owner’s description calling it “charming if humble.” Trust me when I say there was nothing humble about it. (Strategically placed Hermes housewares does not a humble home make.) This, to me, is the opposite of that. I love the comfortably stylish vibe with a definite feel of luxury, but still far from pretentious. (And it’s not even a lived-in home, it’s a freakin’ shop!)coolhouse2

I adore the use of color, and just as I’ve been second-guessing how I use it at home. I think even without the ultimate beach setting the brilliant colors and textiles would work anywhere…especially here in the nine months of gloomy drizzly rain we have. This living room setting just makes me so happy. That collection of vases. The pillows. The rug. Sigh.coolhouse

Another great vignette, again the use of colors and textures is so interesting.coolhouse3

[Via and by The Cool Hunter. Styled by Steve Cordony. Photos by Felix Forest.]

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